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What is a Low Energy Home?

Why Should I build a Low Energy Home?
How is a Low Energy Home built?
A low energy home is designed and built to use considerably less energy then a traditional home.

By using advanced framing techniques along with the latest building testing technologies, -Low Energy Homes can provide your family with the home of your dreams.

Low Energy Homes are affordable and actually pay for themselves in a short period of time by providing energy savings month after month.

Tax Incentives and Financing are also available for Energy Efficient homes which make them even more affordable.

Resale value for Low Energy Homes are higher then for traditional homes. 

Building a Low Energy Home allows families to:

  • Save money on your utility bills
  • Live in a more comfortable home
  • Experience improved indoor air quality
  • Live in a more responsible and sustainable way

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Low Energy Homes are designed and built differently then traditional homes. Although any home plan can be adapted to make a low energy home, there are distinct differences in many areas including:

At -Low Energy Homes we use the Whole House System approach to designing and building your home.

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