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Low Energy Home General Contracting

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We offer General Contracting services from start to finish including:
  • Site and Plan selection and layout
  • Home design and specification
  • Contractor bidding, selection, scheduling, and   management.
  • Material selection and delivery scheduling.
  • Budget management
  • Inspection and quality control
Want to General Contract the job yourself? We can help by Consulting with site selection, design and  specification, and Inspection of your home to be sure you are getting what you pay for.

We have a Consulting and Inspection package that will meet your needs. 

At -Low Energy Homes we offer testing services to make sure your home is being built to top energy efficiency standards. These tests include:

Blower Door Testing-Makes sure that your home is sealed and as energy efficient as possible. 

Duct Blaster Testing-Makes sure that your duct work is sealed and as energy efficient as possible.

HERS Energy Rating-When your home is finished, a HERS Energy Rating test will be performed by an independent testing company. You will be able to compare the energy efficiency of your home to a typical home built in your area and in the U.S. This is a great resale tool for you if you every decide to sell your home.